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At A Glance

  • Length of Course: 2 Weeks
  • Tuition: 15 Hours Per Week
  • Campus: 8th July – 5th August 2019 at Wycliffe Hall / 5th August – 19th August 2019 at St Hugh’s
  • Age Range: 15 to 17 Years
  • Class Size: Maximum 15 Students
  • Key Skills Developed: Creative Writing, Analysis, Critical Thinking, Independent Study
  • Language Level Required: Intermediate and Above
  • Suitable for Further Study or Career: English Literature, Journalism, Advertising, Teaching

Download a summary of the English Literature and Creative Writing course here.

Oxford College students work in a group

Why Choose English Literature & Creative Writing?

In our English Literature & Creative Writing course, students develop both their understanding of English literature and their English language creative writing ability in an inspirational and supportive two-week programme. Through a series of interactive lessons and workshops, our students will look at both classic and modern examples of creative writing, from Dickens to J.K. Rowling, and modern screenwriting, to see how literary techniques are used to create compelling characters and stories. All students produce a portfolio of creative writing based on their lessons and workshops.

Course Objectives

  • To study a diverse array of literary works, their themes and contexts, including fiction, short stories, poetry and Shakespeare
  • To express critical responses to literary examples during stimulating group discussions
  • To develop a personal writing technique and style
  • To understand how to use different structures for various writing effects
  • To create and present a class anthology of literary works
  • To improve all-round confidence in using English communicatively

Time to Shine

To succeed in their writing, it is important for students to develop their skills in creativity and collaboration, so as part of our Time to Shine programme our students will work together to create an anthology of short works of fiction, drawing inspiration from the literary works studied and the wealth of British literary history available to them while studying in Oxford. Students will also participate in an immersive poetry workshop at the end of the course, to further develop their creative writing flair and confidence in spoken performance.

What You’ll Take Away

A strong understanding of literature and the ability to write well for a range of audiences can open up an array of opportunities to our students. If they wish to study for a profession which relies on an accurate and impressive writing style, such as journalism, writing or Public Relations, then our English Literature & Creative Writing course will offer the training and guidance they need, through its focus on writing, communication and language.

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