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Oxford College students give a presentation

Building Confidence and Developing 21st Century Skills

At Oxford College Summer School, we seek to develop transferable skills that will prepare our students for success in their future academic and professional lives. As part of this initiative, each student will participate in our Time to Shine programme during their course and, in doing so, will have the opportunity to develop the following 21st century skills.

Oxford College students give a presentation

Expert Thinking & Innovation

Each elective course has a bespoke Time to Shine research and presentation project. Each research project will require students to devise and act on creative ideas, developing them to form concise and engaging presentations. As well as developing their idea creation techniques, by taking part in these collaborative projects, students will develop key critical thinking and analytical skills.

Students take part in a group project

Communication & Collaboration

By taking part in our Time to Shine projects, all college students will develop their ability to communicate effectively with their peers, use a variety of communication forms and improve their presentation skills. By working together on projects in a diverse environment, students will also learn to collaborate effectively as part of a team, nurturing their sense of social and cross-cultural awareness.

Life & Career Skills

Our Time to Shine lessons also require students to develop skills beyond communication and subject knowledge. By extending their own investigations for each research task, students will develop their productivity and time management, learn how to work independently and develop their information literacy skills, using their initiative to assume greater control over their own learning.

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