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Develop Skills to Succeed at University

To complement our Elective courses, on two afternoons per week our Oxford College students will participate in University Preparation sessions. These include a series of Study Skills Seminars to accelerate learning, Guest Speaker Lectures to inspire and broaden the minds of each student and advice and guidance on ‘How to Apply to UK Universities’.



Guest Speaker Lectures

To further enrich their academic experience at the college, all students will also attend a Guest Lecture and have the opportunity to hear from dynamic and experienced professionals, from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. Informative, thought-provoking and stimulating, these lectures provide students with an authentic university lecture experience, so they can actively apply their academic listening and note-taking skills whilst broadening their education. In previous years we have been delighted to welcome notable journalists, storytellers, charitable organisations, historians, and motivational speakers.

Study Skills Seminars

To help our Oxford College students prepare for university, they will attend weekly afternoon seminars that will advance key study skills required for academic success, such as public speaking, academic writing, speaking exam preparation, and IELTS preparation. By understanding how to learn more effectively and improving their study skills, students can experience higher levels of confidence and motivation, helping them to achieve their highest academic potential.

All students receive a Guest Speaker Lecture in their chosen Elective, and are able to choose 3 options from the Study Skills Seminars listed below.

  • Debate Society and Public Speaking

Debating is a great way to give and receive opinions and arguments in a formal way. Learning how to debate involves mastering the skill of speaking in public, while making a logical and reasoned argument. It also involves developing the ability to listen to another’s arguments, and to challenge both the assumptions of others and your own worldview.

  • Academic Writing

The ability to write convincing, well argued essays is key to success at university. In our Academic Writing seminars, students will learn how to compose essays so that the sentences, paragraphs, organisation and argumentation are constructed in the most credible and convincing way.

  • Speaking Exam Preparation

Students who wish to prepare for the speaking component of FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS or TOEFL can choose this two-hour seminar to learn the strategies and approaches which maximise the chances of success in spoken English examinations.

  • Preparation for Critical Thinking and Aptitude Tests

Many universities and employers today require candidates to take logic and aptitude tests as part of the application process. In these seminars students will learn about the tests that these institutions use, and develop an awareness of the thought processes that help to improve critical thinking. Students will also have the opportunity to practice doing such tests and receive feedback on their performance.

  • Lecture Skills

These seminars help students to develop their listening and note-taking skills in order for them get the most out of university lectures. Students will discover how to extract, understand and retain key information easily. Skills covered will include different ways to take, organise and record useful notes, as well as techniques for effective listening.

  • IELTS Preparation

Our IELTS Preparation seminars offer students the opportunity to improve their academic English skills, with a focus on developing their ability to achieve the desired result in the four key areas of the IELTS examination: speaking, writing, reading and listening.