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Wellbeing Programme

A happy and healthy body and mind allows our students to perform at their best during their studies. Our Wellbeing Programme provides opportunities for students to relax, be creative and re-energise, whilst demonstrating the importance of managing social respite alongside study or work.

Students are able to choose which wellbeing activities they would like to take part in on arrival at the college. To carefully balance studies and simulate life at university, our wellbeing activities can take place in mornings, afternoons and evenings around the academic programme.

Best few weeks of my life! I made many great friends and enjoyed every moment with them. An unforgettable experience.

Adam, Cyprus

Wellbeing activities may include:

  • Recreational sports including football, basketball & tennis
  • Yoga & mindfulness
  • Fitness activities including swimming, jogging & aerobics
  • Art Workshops such as painting, photography & sketching
  • Reading & conversation clubs
  • Nature walks
  • Museum visits
  • Logic games